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Yo! This is my site to talk about meditation, spirituality and self-growth. I’ve got a lot of articles on this page, so scroll down to find what interests you 😎

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Myths of Meditation Series — Or Why meditation sucks and what to do about it

Most of what you know about Meditation comes from Marketing — Or why we have been taught to believe there is a “happiness pill” called meditation we can just pop and live happily ever after

Why is Meditation so Hard? Because of the Monkey Inside us (but he is also our biggest ally)— Meditation is hard because we are fighting millions of years of evolution.

Why Meditation Makes You Feel like Shit and what You can do about it

Watching the Watcher- or Why the Mind Hates it When You Try to Meditate

The Inner War for Peace: Esoteric Teachings from the Gita – We have an inner war in our mind that hinders our meditation and spiritual life.

Meditation: Frequently Questioned Answers : In which I take the most cliched advice given to new comers and say “Eh?”

Killing the Sacred Cows of the Spiritual World

McYoga: The Instagram Version of Yoga In which I rant about how Yoga has been taken over by the Instagram Butt Models Association ™

McTantra or the Prostitution of Eastern Tantra – In which I rant that the “sacred” sex community has hijacked an ancient religious practice, and now every guru with a scandal tries to claim he was doing “Tantra”

F*ck the Law of Attraction: A “law” built by the childish ego that treats the Universe like a shopping basket.

F*ck Forgiveness: Ain’t nothin’ spiritual about forgiveness, boy.

No, Meditating Longer Won’t Get You Enlightenment Sooner Meditation isn’t some sort of Olympic game where you get a gold medal at the end.

Traps on the Spiritual Path

Spiritual Bypassing: Where you pretend you are sooo enlightened just to avoid dealing with the shit in your life.

Related to above: Hurry Up and Get Enlightened, Dammit!

Spiritual Arrogance/Narcissism: Bitch, I am MORE enlightened than you, show some respect dammit

Related to above: Spiritual Imposter Syndrome , which is the exact opposite of this problem. Instead of being arrogant, the Sadhaks are too docile.

Spiritual Idiots(Neo Advaita): Related to spiritual arrogance, but a special case

The Golden Prison: Getting stuck in Spiritual Experiences/Highs, so that you become a spiritual junkie instead of a meditator

Spiritual Materialism: Treating the spiritual quest like the material quest– gather more “resources” or hope enlightenment will fix all our problems

Toxic Positivity: The cult of optimism that says we have to be “happy clappy” all the time or we are not spiritual. The most dangerous and harmful myth

And a followup to the above: The Cynicism Blanket

Toxic Forgiveness: The belief that you have to “forgive” people to be spiritual, which leads you to become more vulnerable to abuse

Magical Thinking: I find belief in magical beliefs like psychics or astrology is actively harmful to your spiritual life

Spiritual Shaming – “Ooh you only meditate 15 minutes a day? No wonder you aren’t enlightened yet, poor you.”

Fear of Money/Wealth: OMG, money is so unspiritual, let me starve while chanting Auummmmm

Esoteric Teachings Series

Esoteric Astrology The Goal of Astrology is to Guide us Spiritually, Not Make Silly Predictions

The Esoteric Secrets Behind Fairy Tales — Fairy Tales are not just silly tales for kids but have hiddeen, deep spiritual meanings.

Creativity Series

Turning my Passion/Hobby into a Business Made Me Hate It

How Do You Know You Are Good Enough?

Choose Your Own Hero’s Journey, Live a Life Full of Meaning — A long(ish) article on finding your heroes journey, written especially for creative people

Your Job Cannot Give Your Life Meaning, and Neither Should It — Too many people try to find a “fulfilling” job, not realising satisfaction only comes from inside


The Gift of Suffering– Adventures on the Dark Path — We try to run from suffering but suffering is how we grow spiritually

The Dirty G Word A filthy word we don’t use in polite society

Karma — A Misunderstood concept, we see how Karma has more to do with mental energies than some cosmic justice force

Acceptance vs Giving Up

Why the Divine would rather you became the best person you could, rather than trying to “save the world” A rant against the Save the World hippie types 🙂

Spiritual Imposter Syndrome : The feeling I am not good enough to talk about spirituality

Why do Gurus have so many scandals?