Traps on the Spiritual Path

On this page, I look at the dangers and traps on the spiritual path.

Spiritual Bypassing: Where you pretend you are sooo enlightened just to avoid dealing with the shit in your life.

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Spiritual Arrogance/Narcissism: Bitch, I am MORE enlightened than you, show some respect dammit

Spiritual Idiots(Neo Advaita): Related to spiritual arrogance, but a special case

The Golden Prison: Getting stuck in Spiritual Experiences/Highs, so that you become a spiritual junkie instead of a meditator

Spiritual Materialism: Treating the spiritual quest like the material quest– gather more “resources” or hope enlightenment will fix all our problems

Toxic Positivity: The cult of optimism that says we have to be “happy clappy” all the time or we are not spiritual. The most dangerous and harmful myth

Toxic Forgiveness: The belief that you have to “forgive” people to be spiritual, which leads you to become more vulnerable to abuse

Magical Thinking: I find belief in magical beliefs like psychics or astrology is actively harmful to your spiritual life

Spiritual Shaming – “Ooh you only meditate 15 minutes a day? No wonder you aren’t enlightened yet, poor you.”